The Post Office building has been such since the 1820's .

In the book "The Biography Of A Victorian Village" giving Richard Cobbold's account of Wortham in 1860.  It asks:-

             ” If you were to be asked: which social institution lay at the heart of village life in the nineteenth century?  - forming the most central focal-point of common social intercourse and activities?  - what would your answer be?

It was not the Church .........

Strange as it may seem it was the - the Post Office! - or, perhaps one should say, the village shop and post office”

The Tea Shop is a later facility, sometime in the 1960/70 's converting the adjacent hay loft into its current front timbered room and building the conservatory at the rear.

We are investigating and documenting the history of these historic buildings and findings will be published here at a later date.